Smartphone App Features :

iPhone Application Development

Android Application Development

Phone/iPod/iPad, Android, Titanium, Phonegap, Sencha, JQueryMobile

- Web Service, Ajax, XML, JSON, RSS, SOAP, WSDL


- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest

- Google Map Service, Foursquare

- CoreData, CoreGraphics, Animation

- Cocos2D, OpenGL, Corona, Unity3D

- Box2D, Chipmunk

- GPS, Apple-Xcode, UI Design, Cocoa, Image-Processing, Image-Editing

- Animation, OpenGL, English

- Game Center, In-App Purchase, Multiplayer Game

- iAd, Adwirl, Admob, Chartboost, TapJoy, Cerebro

- Photo Editing, Photo Manipulation

- Usability

- Graphic Interface design

- Icons and pictograms

- HTML/CSS/JavaScript(jQuery)

Web Development Features :

SGinfosoft is a leading Web Design company in providing Custom web designing for your website as well as Mobile app website design and development. We are able in giving you a kind of solution that will be evident enough to reflect ours as well as our client personality in terms of Business strategy.

At SGinfosoft , we are persistant and focused in meeting these objectives by ensuring that they reflect the current realities of the connected world. We showcase your marketlpace identity that cultivates and developes powerful relationships.

We design your Application and website in such a way that it should appear completely in corporate with your business themes. Enabling your visitor to grab knowledge of the services you are offering with in a few minutes. Your web design would be in the way that would match your ethics and policies. We are the pioneer in understanding your needs and then pond over what you lack in or what sort of design it should be. The result will be unique as you website needs to grab more visitors and costumers than ever before.

Most popular languages :

- Java/Servlet/JSP
- .Net /Asp.net
- Perl
- C
- C++
- ColdFusion
- C#
- WebDNA

Database Technology

-Apache Derby
-DB2 (IBM proprietary)
-Microsoft SQL Server